About Me

I’m Aleksandra “Sandra” Shtabnaya, a first-in-class graduate from the University of Mary Washington, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and minors in data science and digital studies. Ever since my first programming class in high school, I have been fascinated with coding’s potential for creative expression and problem solving, a challenge I tackle like an exciting puzzle.

Faculty members describe [Sandra] as an outstanding writer and programmer, and a determined problem solver. She’s recognized as someone who is highly professional, quiet but really sharp, always hardworking and willing to support her teammates on projects.

- John Morello, UMW Provost for Academic Affairs

A programmer by day and a desktop publisher by night, I spend my free time creating flyers, websites, presentations and other multimedia for fun and for local clients. I have been interested in desktop publishing since elementary school, when I designed book covers for my personal writing projects using Microsoft Word.

A quirky blend of the artistic and methodical, I bring a creative flair into my technical work, adding a fresh style to client communication, data visualization or software development. As a budding programmer, I hope to launch my career by testing the waters, growing from successes and failures, and finding a home in graphic design, data analysis and software engineering.